Fiona Carey

Patient & Public Voice Partner for NHS England, Addenbrooke’s Cancer PPG. Co-Chair East of England Citizens’ Senate.

About Me

Co-Chair of the national body Coalition for Collaborative Care, She is regularly invited to speak about the benefits of patient-centred care and of co-production at conferences and
expos, has helped to design and develop NHS Citizen, and chaired the Wheelchair Services Summit with David Nicholson. A kidney cancer patient since 2001, she’s had a
nephrectomy, a pulmonary metastatectomy and, after a Whipple’s surgery for pancreatic metastases ten years later in 2011, she finally retired in 2012, with iatrogenic Diabetes,
pancreatic insufficiency and seriously reduced mobility. Two further diagnoses in 2016 saw Fiona treated for a recurrence in her remaining kidney, and further secondaries in her
remaining pancreas. In March 2018 a further occurrence has been diagnosed. This has all been a bit rubbish, but ask her about wheelchair basketball, and watch her grin.

Fiona worked for thirty years as a professional editor in publishing and higher education, mostly at the Open University.

Condition interest or area of knowledge

  • Cancer
  • Co production
  • Wheelchair Leadership Alliance
  • Health Care Safety
  • Policy for Shared Decision Making
  • Patient-Centred Care

Where I can help

  • Cambridgeshire
  • Norfolk
  • Suffolk
  • UK (National)

Organisations I am involved with: 

  • Coalition for Collaborative Care
  • EoE Citizens’ Senate
  • NHS Citizen
  • Addenbrooke’s Cancer PPG
  • Wheelchair Leadership Alliance
  • Department of Health
Fiona Carey

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