Roy Johnson

Essex contact fo Anticoagulation UK / East of England Citizens' Senate / Member of Patient Participation Group - PPG, Patient Engagement Group – PEG (CCG), Patient & Community Representation Group – PCRG (CCG)

About Me

Roy Johnson lives in Wickford, Essex which comes under the Basildon & Brentwood CCG. He has been involved in Community Work, Social Work & Social Care in Practice and in Education throughout his career both in the UK and USA. Roy is an advocate and campaigns for Anticoagulation and the right for people to access self-testing point of care devices to monitor their own INR. Roy is often invited to Warwick University and various National Conferences to speak about the patient experience around the subject of oral anticoagulation and self-testing.

Condition interest or area of knowledge

  • Anticoagulation (Self Testing)

Where I can help

  • Essex

Organisations I am involved with: 

  • Anticoagulation UK
  • East of England Citizen Senate
  • Basildon & Brentwood CCG
Roy Johnson

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