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Jargon Description
Lay Person

The term lay person means a non-professional. In research, it refers to the people who are neither academic researchers nor health or social care professionals.

Lay Summary

A lay summary is a brief summary of a research project or a research proposal that has been written for members of the public, rather than researchers or professionals. It should be written in plain English, avoid the use of jargon and explain any technical terms that have to be included.

Legal Representative

A person who gives written informed consent on behalf of a vulnerable subject in a CTIMP

Letters of Access

Letters of access enable NHS employees or staff with an honorary clinical contract (e.g. clinical academics) with one NHS organisation to conduct research in another NHS organisation.


Low white blood cell (leucocytes, disease fighting calls) count in blood.

Local Issues Forum

An online public community where any citizen or elected official can: Ask questions; Make public announcements; Network with other local citizens; Monitor local opinion; Ask for public input. A forum manager is also required to monitor the conversation, maintain a neutral environment and ensure the focus is on local issues when necessary.

Longitudinal Case Study

Is a study which monitors a patient' health and wellbeing as it alters over time.


Swelling of lymph nodes.