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Acronym Phrase
U&E Urea and Electrolytes
UAR Unexpected Adverse Reaction
UCB Urgent Care Board
UCC Urgent Care Centre
UCC Urgent Carer Centre
UCLH University College London Hospital
UCLP Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan
UCP Urgent Care Provider
UCRT Urgent Care Response Team
UD Use as Directed
UEC Urgent and Emergency Care
UECC Urgent and Emergency Care Centre
UECN Urgent and Emergency Care Network
UFTO Universal Form of Treatment Options
UGI Upper Gastro-Intestinal (surgery)
UHSCE Understanding the Health and Social Care Environment
UK United Kingdom
UKBA UK Border Agency
UKCC UK Cochrane Centre
UKCRC UK Clinical Research Collaboration
UKCRN UK Clinical Research Network
UKCTG UK Clinical Trials Gateway
UKTI UK Trade and Investment
ULCH University of London College Hospital
ULN Unique Learner Number
ULR Union Learning Representative
UNCRC United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
UNICEF United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
UPR Unsustainable Provider Regime
URO Specialised Urology
USAR Urban Search and Rescue
USM Urgent Safety Measure
USP Unique Selling Point
UTC Urgent Treatment Centre
UTI Urinary Tract Infection