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Acronym Phrase
VAS Vascular Disease
VAS Visual Analogue Scale (EuroQuol Group)
VAS Voluntary Ambulance Service
VAWG Violence Against Women and Girls
VC Virtual Consultation
VCFSE Voluntary Community Faith and Social Enterprise
VCR Virtual Care Record
VCS Voluntary and Community Sector
VCSE Voluntary Community Social Enterprise
VF Ventricular Fibrillation
VFM Value for Money
VLDL Very Low-Density Lipoprotein
VOL Volunteer
VOXPOP Vox Populi, Voice of the People (normally recorded in public)
VP VenePuncture. The puncture of a vein as part of a medical procedure, typically to withdraw a blood sample or for an intravenous injection.
VPN Virtual Private Network
VSM Very Senior Managers
VSO Voluntary Services Organisation
VSPA Voluntary Sector Single Point of Access
VTE Venous Thromboembolism