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Acronym Phrase
W&SAS Work and Social Adjustment Scale
W/C Week Commencing
WAG Welsh Assembly Government
WAM Windsor and Maidenhead
WAO Wales Audit Office
WAP Written Action Plan
WAPS Written Action Plan
WB Whole Blood
WBC White Blood Cell
WBQ12 Wellbeing Questionnaire 12
WBS Welsh Blood Service
WCC World Class Commissioning
WCF Working Capital Facility
WDES Workforce Disability Equality Standard
WDF Workforce Development Framework
WEAHSN West of England Academic Health Science Network
WECG West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group
WECHS West Essex Community Health Services
WEEU West of England Eye Unit
WES Whole Exome Sequencing
WFP Working For Patients
WGLL What Good Looks Like
WGS Whole Genome Sequencing
WHAT Weston Area Health Trust
WHH William Harvey Hospital Ashford
WHHT West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust
WHIN’s Wellbeing and Health in Integrated Neighbourhoods platform
WHIS Women’s Health Information Service
WHO World Health Organisation
WHTH West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
WIC Walk in Centre
WIRED Workforce Information Reporting Engine Database
WLI Work Life Initiatives
WLI Waiting List Initiative
WLI Waiting List Initiative
WLMH West London Mental Health NHS Trust
WLST Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Treatment
WMA World Medical Association
WO Work Orfer
WORD Wales Office of Research and Development for Health and Social Care
WOS Wholly Owned Subsidiary
WPB Workforce Programme Board
WPF Welsh Partnership Forum
WPH Wexham Park Hospital
WRAPS Wellness Recovery Action Plans
WRES Workforce Race Equality Standard
WRES Workforce Race Equality Standard
WRT Workforce Review Team
WRULD Work Related Upper Limb Disorders
WSFT West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
WSH West Suffolk Hospital
WSI Whole Systems Improvement
WT Weight
WTD Working-Time Directive
WTE Whole Time Equivalent
WTEP Whole Time Equivalent Posts
WTI Waiting Time Initiative
WTR Working Time Regulations
WVJIP Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme
WWHAM Who is the patient, What are the symptoms, How long have the symptoms been present, Action taken, Medication being taken
WYH West Yorkshire and Harrogate
WZF Wheeled Zimmer Frame